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Portable CarPlay for Apple and Android | Wireless Universal 10.26” Screen

Portable CarPlay for Apple and Android | Wireless Universal 10.26” Screen

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Revolutionize your driving experience with a multimedia player that's not just compatible but captivating. Embrace the future of connectivity, indulge in stunning visuals, and cut loose from the constraints of cables. 

  1. Limitless Compatibility: Your Drive, Your Tech! This multimedia player embraces Apple and Android devices, giving you the freedom to connect your way—regardless of your device's allegiance.

  2. Cordless Connection, Effortless Integration! Explore the future of connectivity with Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. Say goodbye to cables and hello to a harmonious driving experience that seamlessly blends your smartphone with your car's audio system.

  3. Breathtaking 10.26-inch Visual Oasis: Elevate Your Drive! Immerse yourself in a 10.26-inch visual delight. This high-quality display transforms your car into a cinematic oasis, delivering vivid visuals that turn every journey into an adventure.

  4. WIFI Wonder: Stream Wirelessly, Anytime, Anywhere! Embrace WiFi Connectivity, liberating your car from cables. Stream music and videos seamlessly from your phone or the internet, enjoying an untethered entertainment experience on the move.

  5. Rear-View Marvel (Optional Camera): Safety and Style Combined! Safety meets style with our rear-view function. Stay ahead with a feature that prioritizes safety with flair. It's not just a reverse gear; it's a stylish statement in motion.

Basic functions:

1. Radio frequency transmission function


2. USB flash drive SD card (Audio/Video/Pictures)


3. Bluetooth function


4. Wired mobile phone projection screen, wired and wireless Android AUTO/Apple CarPlay


5. Rear view function in reverse (camera optional)



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